IP 68 Professional Smart Watch

IP 68 Professional Smart Watch - Smart Watch South Africa

IP68 Professional Smart Watch 

If you have never owned a smart watch or own one this is a Watch you need to consider. 

This  watch has a beautiful 1,4 inch full touch screen.Also great is the screen is full HD and has a touch fail on the side. 

Tge Quality on this watch is fantastic and durable silicone strap. Also waterproof , sweat-proof easy to maintain hygienically.

Tge features are also great it has all your fitness features you will need to suit your needs in that area of functionality.  Also has important functions like your heart rate monitoring and cell phone reminders. 

Eady USB charger with clip on magnetic clip. Tog will be extremely impressed with this watch and will add value to your day to day functions. 

The price for this watch is great as you don’t need to go and spend any more if you need a functional watch this is what you will get and more. 

compare to what is out in the market this is a top list buy and you will get value for your money you don’t need to look fitter this is a good buy. 

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