IP 67 Smart Watch

IP 67 Smart Watch - Smart Watch South Africa

IP 67 Smart Watch 


if you need a watch you can use anytime and for fitness at a very affordable price this is going to tick all your boxes. 

What is so impressive is that the whole family can ware one as it is suitable for anyone. It comes in black , blue or red. 

The Straps are very durable and will last a long time without replacing it. 

Your features you get on this watch is most of your fitness features like heart rate, blood pressure monitoring and stationary reminder. All your Bluetooth connection settings available and messaging reminders. 

For one of the most affordable Smart Watches this is a great buy if you need functions that can keep you going.

The price you get here is one of the best in the market so you can compare and you are going to come right back to placing your order.  

Great value for the money you are going to spend on this watch. 


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