COlMI SKY 8 with music

COlMI SKY 8 with music - Smart Watch South Africa



This Smart watch is one of the new arrivals on the market. You must own one as this has so many interesting features not only has it got features it is sophisticated it has music and more.

Get your Bluetooth set up done and you are set to do so much with this watch. Set your Music , face options and cell phone data synchronised options. 

Incoming call alert , real time temperature features are so awesome and makes life a bit more interesting and easy. 

All the fitness functions you will need are available like your bike, hikes, step counter, heart rate, sleep monitoring with view , a stationary reminder to get tog moving on your daily goals, and calories are some of the great features. 

A stand out is the long battery life in this watch it also has a USB charger and a magnetic clip on function with is a nice to have. 


you will enjoy this watch and compare this with other watches and see what you will pay this is a quality product at a very affordable price  buy it  if you need a Smart Watch or want to get one this is it you don’t need to look further. 

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