Refund and Return Policy



We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return after 7 days we will either swap or replace the watch if there are any difference can be paid via EFT. Before 7 Days if nothing is wrong with the item, we will refund your payment on our online sore.

There is a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee if you feel you don’t want the item there is a courier cost of R70 on returning the item if something is wrong, we will carry the courier cost. 

Your warranty on the watch won't extend beyond 6 months due to technology changing so rapidly. If you have any Technical issue we will replace your watch or swap it if any difference in cost you either EFT the difference if Less we credit you the difference during the 6 month warrenty. 

Any water damage is not covered under any of the above or any ware and tare on the item.

if there is nothing wrong with the item you cant send it back after the 30 days also the 7 day money back guarantee covers you if you feel you want to eather swap or credit

We strive to make sure you have peace of Mind when Buying our quality Products.


Our Policy only applies to products bought from Smart Watch South Africa. Also take note our Policy won’t apply if we don't receive the original packaging. Terms and conditions have the same meaning in this policy.


You Log a return on the Website within 30 Days of delivery.

  1. Unwanted Product.
  • It is undamaged and unused with Original labels and stickers still attached.
  • if is not Missing any accessories or parts.
  • You log a return on the Website within 30 days, you can only return a product if it is defective 
  • It is not one of the products listed below.

Changed your Mind?

  •  Provided the product has the original packaging and unsealed.
  • Once we have inspected the product you can send it back to us we will credit your account with the purchase price within 10 days of the return.
  • We are entitled to inspect the product to validate your return.

Not What you ordered?

  • If we accidentally delivered the wrong product to you, please notify us we will collect from you at no charge.
  • if the product is missing any accessories or part. Once we have inspected the product and validated your return we will at your choice deliver the correct (product if available). Or credit your account with the purchase price of the product within 10 days of the return. 

Product Damaged on delivery.

  • Should a product be damaged or missing any parts or accessories at the time of delivery/ collection. please notify us within 7 days of such a delivery/ collection by logging a return on the website.
  • Return back to us once we have inspected the product and validated your return, we will at your choice replace the product as soon as possible if we have the same product to replace with or we will credit your account with the purchase price of the product. 

Defective products. 

We are sourcing the best to ensure we deliver a high-quality product to you.

What is defect? A defect is a material imperfection in the manufacture of a product. or any characteristics of the product, making this less acceptable than the one would reasonably be entitled to expect in the circumstances.

Following will not be regarded as defects and will not entitle you to return.

  • Faults from normal wear and tear.
  • Damage arising from Negligence user abuse or incorrect usage of the product.
  • Damage arising from electrical surges or sea air corrosion.
  • Damage arising from unauthorized alterations to the product.
  • Where the specifications of a product although accurately described on the product booklets or website and generally fit for its intended purpose, do not suit you.

Manufacture warranty (Stipulated on the product page booklet)

A manufacturer warranty is a product for with the relevant supplier or manufacturer chooses to manage defective returns themselves, directly with the customer and not through Smart Watch South Africa on line. 

If a manufacturer warranty product turns out to be defective or otherwise of poor quality, please contact the relevant supplier or manufactures directly vis the contact details. 


Charges and Refunds 

If you return  defective product to us, but you fail to return all of the accessories and parts with original packaging sold with that product, we are entitled to (subject to applicable law ) refuse the return ,or only replace the item that you did return : or to estimate the value of the missing accessories and parts to credit or refund you in respect of the returned item only.


If you return product that does not comply with this POLICY, you may be liable to reimburse Smart Watch South Africa for the cost of the collecting the product from you and the cost of having the product returned to you.

Please note we only refund to the payment method that you originally used.  i.e. payment by credit card will be refunded to the same credit card.

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